About Andy Kryza

Andy Kryza is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in travel, food & drink, film and pop culture. An unrelenting explorer, he seeks to discover the unexpected wherever he goes, whether it’s a faraway land or an unexplored corner of his own refrigerator.

Andy spent nearly a decade shaping the voice of Thrillist, one of the top digital brands in its space, working to bolster its food & drink and travel sections and shaping the tone of the site. He also works with Time Out Worldwide, where he writes sprawling lists and deep-dive explorations of film and music. He is a branded-content specialist for various worldwide publications, and frequently writes about the joys and struggles (but mostly joys) of parenting for Fatherly. During his time in Portland, Oregon he wrote the weekly movie column ‘AP Film Studies’ at Pulitzer Prize-winning alt-weekly Willamette Week and worked with various other publications in the city.

A graduate of Michigan State University’s School of Journalism, Andy mixes traditional reporting styles with his own unique brand of humor, heart and insight, whether he’s collaborating on a sprawling feature package or toiling away at his own weird corner of the internet. He regularly drops by podcasts and radio shows to lend insight, and frequently coaches and consults other writers and editors.

When he’s not writing, Andy can usually be found exploring the fringes of his adopted home of Los Angeles with his wife, daughter and his Shiba Inu Kuma.